New EPA Regulations for Contractors Have Important Insurance Ramifications

Effective late April 2010, new EPA regulations now apply to contractors performing renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) projects in homes, child care facilities, and schools built prior to 1978. The new requirements essentially mean that such facilities will be treated as if contaminated with lead paint.

Insurance EPA Regulations

The new regulations require specific containment procedures, detailed record keeping, and an employee certified as a lead renovator on site at all times during setup, demolition, and cleanup. The EPA also requires a post-cleanup dust test. EPA certification is mandatory and takes a minimum of 90 days to obtain.

Violation fees start at $32,500 per day, per violation. The financial toll of non-compliance with RRP regulations could be devastating. Please contact Insurance Partners for a consultation on your contractor’s insurance needs. You can get more information (shown in photo) at

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