You have worked hard to build your personal assets. You should not have to work hard to protect them. Insurance Partners understands the needs of those who have reached a higher level of financial achievement. In addition to protecting their businesses, many of our clients have complex personal insurance needs such as multiple residencies, out-of-state property, exotic cars, boats, and extensive collections of jewelry, artwork, and collectibles.

Insurance Partners has assembled a team of specialists, supported with in-house capabilities that addresses each need with the latest information and products. Our full service approach enables us to provide our clients with insurance that manages business, personal property, and life insurance needs through the convenience of one agency.

An Insurance Partners life and financial planner can also work with you to develop a program that considers your all objectives and needs. For example, protecting your assets for the future generations may be a consideration. Our financial planners can show you how to use life insurance to fund buy/sell agreements, retirement, or estate tax cost.

How much should be set aside for retirement or your children’s education? Do you need income protection? These questions are all help you define your financial goals is part of the process. In addition to life insurance our financial planners offer a full-line of mutual funds and other investment products. Insurance Partners has the experience and proven track record to give you sound financial advice on all the options available today.

• Homeowners Insurance
• Auto Insurance
• Boat and RV Insurance
• Multiple Carriers
• Jewelry & Art Collections
• Automated Rate Comparison
• Multi-State Capabilities
• Umbrella Liability
• Retirement & Estate Planning
• Corporate Key Man Insurance
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Stock Redemption Funding
• Investments

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