• Protection for real property, including all auxiliary buildings and service equipment, on a replacement cost basis.
  • Protection for personal property against loss or damage on and off the premises and coverage for property owned by others for which you may be legally responsible.
  • Coverage for loss of income during a period of recovery after the damage or loss of real or personal property.
  • Broad form, comprehensive general liability coverage using the occurrence policy form.
  • Products liability/completed operations coverage.
  • Coverage for extra expenses incurred to continue regular operations when interrupted by an insured loss.

Protecting wholesale distribution businesses against the everyday hazards inherent in their operations is a challenging threat that Insurance Partners has welcomed. Due to the constant handling and transportation of products, you face numerous dangers from accidents or liability with catastrophic loss potential. The Wholesaler-Distributors basic insurance program can meet all your standard insurance needs as a wholesaler or distributor. Included are many built-in features that are extra-cost options under other policies.

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