• Provides coverage for third-party pollution legal liability (bodily injury and property damage and cleanup costs) and first-party clean up coverage in one form.
  • Coverage for expenses incurred in investigation, adjustment or defense of claims.
  • Policy trigger defined as the filing of a claim against the client for a pollution release or simple discovery of pollution on-site.
  • Sudden and gradual coverage.
  • Coverage can be tailored to meet individual state financial responsibility requirements.

Download PDF of Specialized Pollution Insurance Brochure

Pollution liability insurance provides a sound solution to protect your company from loss and exposure due to hazardous materials and pollution. Studies have shown a significant number of industrial and commercial companies are either unaware or uninsured for their pollution liability exposures. With a growing list of hazardous substances being used in the workplace, traditional cleaners and solvents used in manufacturing could pose a serious liability threat to your company. Even a minor exposure to the environment could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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