• Replacement cost for pattern, molds and dies.
  • Payment for employees’ personal tools.
  • Coverage for machinery foundations.
  • Net selling price valuation for finished stock.
  • Business interruption protection.
  • Interruption protection for contingent locations.
  • Loss-of-income protection for R&D and record.

Protecting metalworking businesses against the everyday hazards inherent in their operations is a challenge Insurance Partners has welcomed. This custom insurance program broadens the standard property and casualty coverages (patterns, molds, and dies coverage) geared to your needs. The ever-present dangers in this industry range from fires and explosions — with catastrophic loss potential — to more limited, but serious risks of employee injury from exposure to corrosive liquids, cutting tools and flyer metal particles.

Additionally, any serious interruption of your business — perhaps because of any accident on your premises or at a suppliers’ — can result in a substantial loss of income. The coverages in this program protect you against such loss.

Another concern goes beyond your facility and its employees. Fires, floods and other common accidents can severely damage neighboring property. Or, a failure or malfunction in one of your products can cause serious bodily injury or property damage, resulting in a product liability suit.

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