• Adulteration.
  • Change of Temperature.
  • Surface Water Sewer or Drain Back-up.
  • Building Ordinances.
  • Personal Property at Other Premises.

  • Valuabel Paper Transit Business Income.
  • Worldwide Contingent Business Premises.
  • Property in Custody of Sales People.
  • Accounts Receiveable.
  • Brand and Labels Electronic.
  • Data Processing.

Our specialized insurance gives you well rounded coverage specifically designed for the food industry. Protection against food contamination, product tampering, and recall expenses are part of the standard coverage. Wholesalers are protected against loss due to theft or product spoilage while product is in transit. Our program also covers loss as a result of refrigeration equipment malfunction. Insurance Partners can provide fleet insurance for your trucks and autos that offers greater coverage at a substantial savings Any ways you dish it up…. Insurance Partners has the coverage for you.

Contact Insurance Partners to learn how we can develop food processing insurance to meet your needs.